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Username: nike
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 2:43 AM GMT
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Subject: CORE


I am not "from CORE", nor do I speak for CORE, but I do work for a
CORE member, NetWizards, Inc.  I am also not an expert on non-profits,
corporations, business or law.

I would like to clarify an aspect of CORE.  CORE does not charge
registrants for registering domain names.  Instead, it charges a very
small fee to the CORE member registrar, to cover CORE's operating
cost.  So, regardless of what CORE belongs to or who belongs to it,
CORE does not make a large revenue from domain name registration.

CORE exists for the benefit of its members, who do make profits from
domain name registration.  This is not a secret, or unethical.  CORE
never claimed to be a charity.  It makes all of its income from its
members, in return for services rendered.

It is also registered with the goverment of Switzerland, so it is not
answerable to the IRS.


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