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Username: BrianC
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 4:53 AM GMT
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Subject: My last post


Thanks for the link. The summary says it all:

"Summary: Selling items does not risk an organization's tax-exempt status if the revenue generated is used to promote the organization's exempt function and the applicable taxes are paid on any unrelated business income."

Which is exactly what I told you ("That $52,630 is counted as income for CORE, and must be used and taxed according to the rules of non-profit organizations. So they're still a non-profit organization.") You don't think it "jives" with their mission? Please read their Articles of Association and Regulation of Association at:

Better yet, please have your business consultant or attorney read them and then explain to you the way the law works. You're free to "think" whatever you want. But your line of thinking isn't necessarily the way the law works.

It's apparent that you're having some trouble grasping the concepts here, so please do us all a favor and consult someone about these issues before you post more space-taking, incoherent "junk" in these forums. We've had enough of that already.

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