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Username: KMalorny
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 8:02 PM GMT
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Subject: pre-registrations != registrations



I already explained it to you today. Perhaps you should read the follow-ups of your postings. Only because I have a different opinion regarding IOD, you are producing FUD aka. "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt", not to say that you spreading untruths. It is hard to believe that people request fairness and equal opportunity while distributing worst propaganda at the same time.

But for those who don't know you, I explain it once again:

Years ago, CORE was founded based on the IAHC and the gTLD-MOU. IHAC (not CORE) determined seven new top level domains that CORE should operate. My company, KNIPP, applied for a membership and was accepted. Half a year before the planned start of operation of the registry, KNIPP started to offer _PRE_REGISTRATIONS. These PREregistrations were and are FREE and they where thought JUST TO DETERMINE THE ORDER in which we planned to submit the registrations later after the start. These were in no way registrations like those IOD offers. You can see this looking at the pre-registration form: There are no entries for specifying all the contact data, e.g. owner, administrative and technical contacts nor entries for specifying the name servers for the domain. Just some personal data to identify the person who has pre-registered (and not the owner of the domain) and the names of the domain. We clearly state that we cannot guarantee a successful registration. The customer does not need to pay anything for the pre-registration and has the ability to withdraw it.

In addition, I want to quote from our homepage:


Because of the intervention of the american government and the
consequences resulting from that the question, which domains will
be selected, is now open again. At the beginning of its activities,
CORE had aimed the activation of the top level domains .shop, .info,
.rec, .nom, .arts, .firm and .web. As CORE had been one step before
operating those top level domains, we, Knipp, created a way for a
non-binding pre-registration of those domains. As we and CORE
have the objective that at least a part of the domains will be
activated, we have kept the pre-registration alive.

We will extend/adjust our pre-registration possibilities as soon as
the new top level domains have been determined.


No matter who will get the .web domain (if any), whether IOD, Affilias or Neustar, my company, KNIPP, will try to register the pre-registered domains on bahalf of our customers at the corresponding registry. This is our commitment.

Klaus Malorny,
Knipp Medien und Kommunikation, Germany



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