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Username: nike
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 5:00 AM GMT
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Subject: Pre-registration

Message: is not violating any rules of CORE, so there is not much CORE could, or should, do to them.  The ICANN admonishment against pre-registration applied to PAID pre-registrations, as there can be no fraud if no money changes hands and no promises are made.  See their site at

>There are no obligations for you for pre-registration. On the other
>hand, we cannot guarantee a successful assignment of the domain.


>Knipp pre-registers domains for free.

I should point out that the information on their site is outdated, and is based on the original gTLD MoU and its 7 gTLDs from 1997, not the current ICANN application process.  I should also add that, as a fellow CORE member, my company formerly had a similar policy.  There is nothing unethical about taking down names and addresses, as long as no money or promises are involved, so there is no risk to the applicant.  This is just so that they can keep potential customers informed by e-mail, and maybe get their business later on.

John Hynes
NetWizards, Inc. (CORE-28)
San Francisco, California, USA


Link: Pre-registration

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