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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 3:47 AM GMT
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Subject: Thanks for your comments...However they raise some serious questions CORE must answer!!


I guess I am not a lawyer either...and it is clear BrianC is not either...I guess we will leave this one up to ICANN...There is no problem in CORE making money...that is what it uses to pay the bills...but it it's mission has been accomplished and it is still calling itself a non-profit organization (which is described in the link below---You will be shocked as the mission is outdated...and strangely enough counter to what it is actually doing by affiliating itself with Afilia (a group in my opinion that will monopolize the domain registry system...that is one fact that is hard to argue)...
I realize CORE is probably safe in Switzerland (do they have laws in their country regarding NP's---I bet they do!), but if it has operations within the confines of the united states, which it does, the IRS will expect compliance...Again, I am not a lawyer, however I believe my assumptions would be found to be true...If I am found to be incorrect...I will definitely appologize...I just want to bring out the facts and how CORE could have an effect on ICANN, it's registrants...etc...and maybe what I am arguing here is ethics (something the leader of this organization needs some training in...(Sorry for the personal jab..but this is ridiculous)...Can CORE still be called a non-profit organization even if it is in Switzerland....(even after reading the link below)

Lastly, I would just like it if CORE would respond here....Their website talks about new domains (the 7 TLD's) that they planned to be the registrar for...That was 1997...have they closed up shop on their website????  check it out:

Gregory W. Krajewski




Link: Is CORE still a non-profit organization...even if it is in Switzerland??

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