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Username: huguesdb
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 12:05 AM GMT
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Subject: Welcome to the world...


I understand your concern for US consumers and although the US is certainly at the origin of the internet and one of the most advanced user population, I do believe any reasoning should be based on an international user population.
What protection do non US users have from abuse in the .com space? Start legal proceedings in the US? We in Switzerland, for example, are today in the exact position you would not like to be in.

Is the solution to make sure the whole internet is under US legislation? I do think that may create a few concerns - in about 150 countries.

One could imagine that at some point in time ICANN or its successor would be part of an international organisation. We can always dream!!!

In the mean time, and in order to preserve the interests of the internet user community at large (my understanding = internationaly), different national sensibilities, legislations and philosophies should be respected and represented.

I do hope that several non-US proposals are accepted and would be personally very disappointed if the majority of new TLDs were to be under US company control.

Best regards,
Hugues Du Bois

PS I do not have any links to CORE ... just live in the same peaceful and calm country. We want to keep it that way!!!


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