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Username: ksoussi
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 1:07 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows NT
Score: 5
Subject: CORE application is good for the Internet


I believe CORE application is good for the Internet. It is very clear from the application that CORE has taken everything into consideration including:
1-CORE membership concept appropriate for registry
-Open - new members may join based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria
-Fair - equal treatment of all registrars in terms of voting pow
-Not-for-profit shared registry structure avoids empire-building on registry level

2-Privacy protection in line with .nom's role of a personal TLD
-CORE proposal in line with European privacy laws
-Still ensures that registrants can be reached by parties with a legitimate  interest but enables registrants to avoid the publication of personalinformation concerning them

3-Balanced approach to trademark protection
-Fair balance of individual's rights and trademark interests
-Proposal avoids mechanisms that would be costly to enforce
-Process could be extended to function for several TLDs

4-Value of two-dot policy
-Two dot policy allows a greater number of registrants to find a memorable domain name
-Enables users to avoid hyphens (difficult to find on keyboards)and still have use separated name elements
-Can be applied to future e-commerce TLDs such as

5-Low-cost Registration and Enforcement
-Mechanisms envisaged are consistent with the intended use of .nom domains as low-cost, long-term personal identifiers
-CORE proposes electronic complaint registration tools that combine the advantage of service through registrars and standardized procedures.




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