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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 5:17 AM GMT
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Subject: My Last Post.....I am not one to have the last word, but you make me refute your comments--easily


      A wise man said that you can't argue with someone who doesn't believe in logic, because they only pick and choose facts that make a position appear to be correct...For Logic has to be visited on both sides of an argument....You posted the following (from the link I gave you --which is below)

<<<<"Summary: Selling items does not risk an organization's tax-exempt status if the revenue generated is used to promote the organization's exempt function and the applicable taxes are paid on any unrelated business income.">>>>>>

Somehow I get the feeling you get your news from the comic section of the paper (which is about the reading level your capable of)...

If you would have gone further....You would have also read:

"The first issue for an organization is to determine if it HAS an exempt purpose. If the answer is in the affirmative, then it is merely a technical issue to determine how to satisfy the exempt organization/non-profit rules. But if the approach is: let's get tax exempt by coming up with an exempt purpose, that is an invitation to disaster.----from the link below)

You say that the Articles with with CORE at the following link is still legitmate???  (by the way the link you gave did not go directly to the gave the following link which makes it harder for the consumer to get to ):

So BrianC...i am done with this discussion..You prove that 15 years as a businessmen has given you, a couple of things (registrations from NameBargain...and some premise-less arguments (I invented premise-less)....

Good luck sir...and to others who read this...BrianC was asking for it, as his comments were biting towards me for no reason..So as a fellow businessman, I won't take it lying down...What I hope comes from this string is that some questions will be raised with respect to CORE's status as a non-profit....that is it...


Link: Here is the link again...Please read beyond the summary!

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