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Username: griffiths
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 5:02 PM GMT
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Subject: Questionable financial & business capabilies


                I believe that the time is right for a personal name registry, however this proposal seems to have some challenges associated with it.

While CORE should have the necessary capabilities to operate a registry, this doesn't seem to be apparant from their application.  The technical implementation section of the application appears to be woefully inadequate in order to make a true assessment of their capabilities, although it is always possible that the full technical details have had a problem being posted.

Not surprisingly given the nature of CORE there is very little innovative and creative elements in their proposition.  Their marketing plan using affiliates and registrars recognises the nature of the market, however does little to lead and direct the brand and PR opportunties.

In terms of how this will be financed, charging a levy to their membership would appear to contravene the objectives of CORE.  Furthermore, it would appear from the statements given, that in the event that the levy or voluntary contributions were sufficient, a compulsory charge would be made to registrars.  No details on this are provided, how it will be allocated, enforced or collected.  To what extent do the membership of CORE support this?  Have they provided an underwritten guarantee to fund all the possible financial losses that the registry may incur?  This is critically important, as no details are provided as to what the total funding requirements for this application are.  Therefore it can only be assumed that CORE and is backers are prepared to provide unlimited financial backing which seems improbable.

In balance however, the concept of providing a viewable queue on registrations would seem to be an excellent concept that all successful applicants should be compelled to introduce.


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