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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 12:41 AM GMT (Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:41 PM EDT)
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Subject: Simply unworkable


      Aside from the fact that .BIZ already exists and is resolving to the ORSC rootzone, there are some really serious problems with this application.

After months of debate in WG-B and WG-C, it was decided that "famous marks" could not and should not be established, yet Abacus seems to think it can do just that.  There were some very good reasons for not establishing such a list, one of which is the decision of what is a "famous mark."  If left open for registration as you propose, anyone with a mark can register.  That means that Ford can register as a famous mark, when there are thousands of Ford names entitled to use it.  It's not workable.

It was also decided that a sunrise provision would not fly either.  It simply gives the TM Lobby the jump on all others to register names, leaving the dregs for the rest of the world.  The whole idea of having new TLDs is to open the name space, not close it.  Millions of names will disappear before the average small business has a chance.  What was the point of having working groups if they are to be totally ignored?

There are several areas of this application which fly in the face of individual freedoms.

In addition, it is not right for the owner of an existing registrar to own a TLD, IMO.

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