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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 12:17 AM GMT
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Subject: Mr Ambler used the word 'advised'


Ambler wrote the below in the ICANN Forum:
>        As has been pointed out, our supporters support us not
>because they've registered - rather, they've registered because they
>support us. As I said, we went live because IANA advised us to.
                                      What does the above mean?

Obviously it means IANA never gave them permission but rather
only advised them to show their capabilities.

See the link below titled "Memorandum of Court Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n", at this url:   

I am confident now that all the SELF-STYLED pioneers of the internet will DIE, yes this includes the lusers at Diebold, i.e. Gene Marsh and the lusers at IODesign, i.e. Christopher Ambler and the another luser named Simon Higgs from HIGGS Communications.

IOD and diebold did not pioneer anything expect "pioneering the destruction of the internet" which is a misrably failed attempt because nobody uses Open RSC except yes, those husbands, wifes, or children of the Open RSC founders.

So, save our wonderful internet an say, Die to the Open RSC!

Afilias Rules. Period.

--Eugene Kang


Link: Memorandum of Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n

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