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Username: bennionjd
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 5:43 AM GMT
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Subject: I've done my reading


             I understand the reasoning behind the .xxx domain.  If it will segregate the material and somehow protect internet users from unintentionally accessing unwanted material, then fine.
     Your analogy, however, is incomplete.  Your landlord does not simply "own a building with a sex shop tennant".  He owns a building that houses and provides essential operating resources to tens of thousands of sex shops.  Regardless of his intentions, would you not prefer someone else owning and operating the essential services of the apartment building where your family lives? 
     If there were ever a conflict of interest in managing these two TLD's (and there undoubtedly will be), which one will win?  Abacus' application answers this question when it details the expected revenues from each TLD. 
     If Abacus' intentions are focused on separating this material, why not allow one of the other applicants to manage .xxx, so that Abacus can focus more extnsively on their other entries?  Answer:  .xxx is the cash cow.  So then why not give Abacus .xxx (which is an enormous responsibility), and give the other TLD's to someone else?
      All I'm saying is that .fam has an enormous potential.  Why not give it to someone who is exclusively focused on it.


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