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Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 1:28 AM GMT
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Subject: The technology by Abacus


The techology presented by Abacus as part of the TLD application has many more features than just running name server(s).
It is targeted at the two layer model established by ICANN
Here are the core propriatory pieces of the technology:

- RRP (Registry/Registrar Protocol) Server
- RRP Client (for Registrars who do not have one, or do not have a  good one)
- Zone files upload module
- Back Office software - provisioning, billing, customer* care
* Registrars are customers to the Registry. Abacus Registry will NOT be dealing with consumers 

Abacus's technology is based upon long term experience and upon the
flagship product Rodopi - provisioning, billing, customer care software for the ISP industry, used by over 600 ISP worldwide, incl. Cable and Wireless, Unisys, Interliant etc.

The above techology is not available on the market. Any applicant for two tier (Registry/Registrar) TLD Registry operation must have it. It may take significant time to develop, test and refine the technology. For comparison Abacus has over 50 men/years invested in development of Rodopi product and over 2 men/years in development of the  Registry products nased on Rodopi.

The technology is open to the public at for
review and test. It is a proffessional, strictly business tool, so that do not get desparate if you do not understand it. Use the sample RRP Client to register .biz name (see the disclaimer there).


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