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Username: MikeS
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 10:31 PM GMT
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Subject: .xxx


        Pornography has been one of the major moral problems with the Internet. Just visit sites like to see how passionate some people are about the evils of pornography on the net.
Luckily, this huge moral problem can be solved (or at least greatly reduced) very easily. Separate all the porn sites from the other sites. This can be done by adopting a new TLD i.e .xxx . The people who believe porn is immoral, evil, ruining our society can just block the .xxx domains. People who believe it is our 1st amendment right, free speech etc. (we have all heard both sides of the argument) can keep the .xxx domains unblocked. Everyone is happy.
It is that easy.
The problem is, many companies out there know pornography is very profitable and want to get their hands on  the  .xxx TLD and squeeze it for every little penny it is worth. Thatís why they are attacking Abacus , saying Abacus they are cheating wanting a monopoly etc.
Abacus is not like the above mentioned companies. They are a successful company , and have no interest in  making money from porn. 


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