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Username: JohnD
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 10:06 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows NT 4.0
Score: 5
Subject: No pressing need for .FAM ???


      In his message Mr. YankeeFan says there is no pressing need for .FAM . On what assumptions does he base such a conclusion? Is it on the assumption that the Web is there for already wealthy corporations to increase their profits?  The web is there (at least should be) for the people. The web should not be dominated by or etc. It should provide means for everyday people to better their lifes and that of their families.
   So if you believe the Internet should be another money making machne for corporate America then no "there is no pressing need for .FAM "
   However, if you believe that the Internet should be used by families to promote family values , then there is more then a pressing need for .FAM


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