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Username: griffiths
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 6:07 PM GMT
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Subject: This is the only application that can reach profitability within the first month - HOW?


        The time is long overdue for the introduction of a personal name registry, however this proposal appears to have serious financial flaws. 

The price point for a domain is set at $6, which is priced at the same point as NSI charges registrars for .com's.  However, there is little or no commercial value to personal domains and by having a price set to match .com, it is unlikely to be the commercial success it should be.  There is a recognition that the price will fall, but only to $4.50 in the fifth year by which time .com may be significantly lower.

The application assumes operation of FIVE TLD's, which quite clearly is inconsistent with the ICANN request for applications.  There are no details financial breakdowns as to the costs of operating the individual TLD's, and consequently no information on the funding requirement for each one.

The total estimated funding is only $450,000, which seems inconsistent as it will take some time to establish the registry and all of these costs have to be incurred in advance of the revenue being generated.  There are costs of $350,000 in the first month alone which in themselves seem to be incredibly low given the technically robust systems that are required.  This may in part be as a result of using Microsoft SQL servers which are unlikely to be able to deliver the required service availability.

Furthermore, the legal fees seem to be completely out of proportion to the rest of the business model and there does not seem to be any explanation for this within the application.


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