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Username: Satori
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 8:46 PM GMT
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Subject: .Sex TLD


Personally I support the .sex TLD, and also like the .xxx.  There is a concern that certain TLD's such as .kids, could have individual names that are really not for kids, maybe some child pediphile, and sites that do not comply for the intended use.

Maybe this concept exists now, but what might go a long way here, is some kind of disclosure guarantee for every suggested TLD, similiar to a newsgroup FAQ, to which daily name assignment adheres.  If the TLD registrar breaks this agreement, and will not correct their mistakingly assigned name, or turn off the individual who does not comply, then they lose their bond for the TLD, and the right to resell it.

Ex:, I just purchased,, and  I should not have been able to purchase these names without agreeing to a form of intended use, with guidelines, or at least have an idea of what this TLD is about.  If I speak english, .sex is apparent, but what if people start putting sites in there advertising pound cakes, because the nickname in belgum is sex cakes.  Does't this sort of defeat the purpose of the TLD?

So I like the idea of the TLD's and it is just a crap shoot so who cares at this point until they are fully resolveable. I think that any name should exist, to a certain degree.  But there should be manadatory compliance to a system for TLD's so they they cannot be misused by nefarous people. 

Then the TLD would be no better than Internic giving .org to every cat and dog who wanted the name.  Really, Internic is no better. So if TLD's registrars want to fight them, they gotta create some rules for themselves to live by, that cannot be broken like Internic did theirs.

I am sure that when any one individual, or oganization, holds the keys to the kingdom, that they do not like to relinquish power.  These poeople need to relax and take some prozac, and find a creative way to ensure everyone is happy.



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