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Username: useyourhead
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 11:27 PM GMT
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Subject: A few words


      I've read a few of the replies on the issues at hand here and wanted to reply to them. Here are my thoughts:  1)  Who works for who? I don't care at this point.  Even if someone works for Abacus and is posting support, good for them!  Considering Pac Bell recently got investigated due to their own employees telling UCANN about their business practices I think that it would say alot about employees from Abacus or any other organization applying that they have the confidence in their business to show their support.  In todays business world there seems to be little company loyalty with employees jumping around from business to business and any company that has employees posting support shows me that they are solid.
2) A comment was made that other companies have the registry technology in place and working.  I do not wish to dispute this, but I have only seen Abacus as presenting a demonstration of this to the public on with their application.  I can appreciate that other companies say they have been doing this but noone has included this in their ap for review.
3) I don't see any of these names as being unnecessary or a fad.  .Cool would remain a place where students or teens would be able to display their ideas.  We will never run out of people of this age group as everyday more and more are being born and aging.  Regardless of slang, it can be incorporated universally.  .XXX and .Fam are necessary.  I see it as a way to selectively monitor and allow limited access to families and adult sites alike.  Obviously families should be excited about this.
4) I support Abacus because the company has a good proposal.  They will not operate as a registrar, so they will not compete within their own market and generate a monopoly.  I like the fact that they are already an accredited registrar so they already operate under the guidelines of ICANN and would continue to do so.  I see them as the only applicant to post a working model of the technology necessary for registry and propose that this puts them in a different category than the other applicants who have not.

Abacus has my support.  I believe they will do a professional job of serving the public with becoming a registry.


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