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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 10:56 AM GMT
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Subject: Refer to the updates ICANN just posted on their web site


anonymous, you wrote in the ICANN Forum:

>How many people have already registered .web's with you? How many are
>betting on you to win the .web? Maybe ICANN would see how you are
>trying to win their votes, no riches for you my friend

Dear Sir,

You may Refer to this link below titled Memorandum of Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n, which *clearly* states IOD was the luser in the lawsuit against the CORE Association.

Also, take note that this shows ICANN will select based on merits of application, and not by prior use or trademarks or pioneering or even IANA Authorization.

And clearly,'s application is the BEST because they propose to charge only $5.95 at the registry, and plans to be a registry not registrar, and from the very begining it allows  competition among ICANN Registrars, unlike the IOD Proposal that Sucks because it charges $15 at the registry and IOD wants to monopolize the TLD from the very beginning to gain market advantage over its competitors (the other ICANN registrars).

Since Registry level is a wholesaler business model, registry's must charge the lowest pricing. While NSI may be a monopoly and some say a pricing structure of a monopoly should not be followed, but then if IOD markets at $15, NSI will be encouraged to rise up their $6 to $15, and soon all other registries will do the same. Who will suffer - the registrars or end-users? Of course not the registrars who only markup prices before sale but those who suffer will be the end-user like you and me.

Also, take note that once is operational as a registry, you and I and other people can go to the many competiting ICANN Registrars and order a .Web name at the lowest retail price.

I hope that helped.

--Eugene Kang


Link: Memorandum of Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n

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