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Username: ChrisK
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 9:00 PM GMT
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Subject: Why Abacus for .biz


            The .biz TLD is probably the most sought after of all the new TLDs . This is normal considering the success of .com .
   I am not familiar with every company applying for .biz. However, I know there are many companies that are just looking for a lucky break to get rich quick. Some companies go as far as lying to businesses and promising them .biz domain before it has even been approved by ICANN.
    Considering the above why would Abacus be a better choice for .biz ? The reason is Abacus has stated that they would not act as a registrar, they would let other registrars sell .biz domains. What does that mean?
    Imagine FORD motor company. They solely make automobiles.  There is no FORD store. There are independent dealerships all around the country that buy Ford cars and sell them to the end customer.  This way there is competition and the consumer benefits.
    This is what Abacus will do. There will be a number of companies all around the country registering .biz domains.  Thus, there will be competition, which is good for the consumer.
Some of the other companies that have applied for .biz will not allow other registrars to sell .biz domains, thus they will become a monopoly and the consumer will be hurt. 


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