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Username: pedro
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 4:49 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: I disagree


   I strongly disagree for the following reasons:

1. Abacus proposes auctions ONLY for the short 1 mo. initial period of subscriptions, thus applying the most reliable, efficient and fair way for people to compete for limited resources. Every other method of lists, schedules, pre-registrations, "one name per person" etc. is flawed.

2. Abacus cuts off the cybersqatters. The most sought after names will end up on auction anyhow, being auctioned by cybersquatters. Cybersquatters register thousands of names and put them on auction, hoping that few will sell for huge profit. Cybersquating is negative for the Internet since many domains end up reserved by cybersquaters and non available to the public.

3. Auctions are a legal way of conducting business, recognized
even by respected companies like Sun Microsystems, who offered their latest servers on trough auctions.

4. It best serves the society. Well capitalized companies are a better choice for consumers, since they have more resources to provide quality goods/services.
In other words if three companies with the name "apple" compete for it will be best for most of the consumers, if the most powerful and the wealthiest company gets the name.

5. The system proposed by Abacus imitates the real life where scarce resources are available to the rich only. If it is normally accepted that rich companies only can afford a corporate jet, it should be normally accepted that the richest companies can get a competitive name. Again this is for the initial 1 month period only.

6. Abacus proposes naming conventions for .biz thus allowing multiple
companies to get their name in different categories. This will
reduce the names on auction. It can be adopted for the other domains they propose. As example if popular first names are reserved than
several Smith families can get their names as follows:


7. If your concern is that Abacus will make unadjusted huge profits you need to consider:
a) times are different now and there are no more "crazy" Internet
money chasing very few TLD. There will be many more TLDs to choose from and it is highly unlikely "good" names to fetch "crazy" valuations.
b) money better go to Abacus to be invested in their Registry infrastructure for providing quality service, than in the pockets of cybersquatters.
c) I believe that Abacus will be willing to pass some of the auction money to ICANN, charities etc. if ICANN requests so during the negotiation process.



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