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Username: alexj
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 8:04 PM GMT
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Subject: It is very important for ICANN to be fair to the public


     After the new TLDs are established it is very important that everyone has a chance to register a domain name. In other words it is important that the companies that receive the right to have the TLDs do not register all the popular domain names before the public has a chance to do so. This is especially true for .biz . I truly hope that ICANN doesn’t give the rights to this TLD to a dishonest company which will register all the "big" domain names like "" "" etc. before the public gets a shot at registering their own domains. 
   As far as I care this is the most important factor when granting companies new TLDs . Abacus is one of the few companies that has publicly stated that they will not compete with registrars, i.e everyone gets a fair chance to registrar a .biz domain. Thus for the sake of regular everyday people Abacus is the best choice for the .biz TLD




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