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Username: use your head
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 6:19 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Way to go Abacus!


      I have been using Abacus for quite some time now.  I wonder if anyone else posting here has any experience with them.  For the past year I have used this company for my hosting and domain registration needs.  If there is any company that I would feel comfortable recommeding as a registry it is Abacus.  I think about what I go through to register, point my DNS, or make any other changes I need at Network Solutions.  It is impossible because Network Solutions doesn't care about service or the customer.  They haven't looked at segregation of content on the web either.  Abacus has always provided me with better service than any other I've found.  With the domains they have chosen to apply for it is apparent they are trying to separate content areas by domain.  I don't think anyone really wants their children finding an adult site at any time.  It's impossible right now to filter this and block it from happening.  Abacus is doing the right thing by allowing people to choose what is viewable online.  You could use your browser to eliminate access to .xxx sites. 
       At the same time, I would be very interested to find out who these people are registering .biz domains.  I want to do business with an ICANN acredited registry or registrar.  It seems to me the people who have posted here saying that .biz is already in use are not using legitimate businesses.  Why would ICANN be allowing the opportunity to register .biz domains as something new if there were already acredited registrars doing this? 

     Nice choices Abacus!

     .biz and .inc are a good fit
     .cool gets my approval
     .fam and .xxx is a great choice for choosing content
     Abacus gets my vote!  Keep up the great work!

     -- a satisfied customer


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