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Username: nickl
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 7:12 PM GMT
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Subject: Sorry but you are not  fully correct


      I really don't care who Pedro works for , he can work for the Colombian Mafia for all I care.
     The issue is .cool is needed. Mr. Yankeefan (congrads on the championship by the way ) says " "Cool" is a largely American slang word Outside America, I don't see many people being interested in it ". 
First of all, America itself presents big enough market for .cool. Second, 50% of all internet usage is in English. I am sure that everyone who speaks English know what "cool" means. Lastly, the future of the Internet lies with the young people, and yet there is no place for them on the web. Just read some of these headlines (there is thousands more like them out there )
- Nov 01 2000: Today's young web users will fuel the online financial industry in the coming years, according to a recent report by Forrester Research
- Jun 09 2000: The number of 2-17 year olds online in the US has tripled to 25 million since 1997, when 8 million children and teenagers had Internet access, according to a new study from Grunwald Associates.
- 90 Percent of Canadian Schools Are Online
- Teens will spend USD129 million online this year, and USD1.2 billion in 2003  . USA Today

     I REALLY HOPE that ICANN is aware of these facts. We need .COOL

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