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Username: pagehowe
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 1:26 PM GMT
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Subject: kids in KDI's .kids


      Nick, you have made a fine point, and I agree.  The one thing you must realize is we are not making this space, we are operating the root file system for others to create in this space and there will be no barriers for kids to create their own sites and networks. We expect to offer a discounted rates for kids to create, own and build their first and future domains.

We are not just a restrictive company. Being a censor and enforcer of the existing laws to protect children is a small part of what we need to do.

If we dont engage your community and offer it an attrative alternative to .com, we wont succeed. Thats our plan.

Page Howe
Chairman .kids Domains Inc.


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