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Username: DRM
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 5:32 AM GMT
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Subject: Congratulations!


Congratulations!  At last someone has used some sense in creating a space appropriate for kids.  We have watched the ceaseless degradation of our young children escalate to the point where no young child should ever use the internet unmonitored by an adult who has taste and common sense. 

If everything was allowed to freely enter our school classrooms there would be such a clamor against it that teachers and administrators would be almost instantly put on trial or excused from their leadership positions.  There needs to be one sector of the internet dedicated to responsible offerings for children. 

Is our insight so poor that no one can see the need for integrity and maturity in making decisions for children?  Would we allow our child to run in the street because he/she "wants to"?  No.  We guide and protect children.  We need to do so more than ever with what is coming into our homes.  Thank you that there just may be ONE domain that we can trust our children to use even if we are not looking over their shoulders every minute.  .Kids may be the one!

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