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Username: Tri-State Kids
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 3:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Yes Please Mr. Howe


It is precisely because of the fact that Mr. Howe's group will screen sites that I support it. Why call it .KIDS if the idea isn't to make it for KIDS!!!!!! Of all the names, all the sites, there can't be one safe place where we as parents know our kids can go on the net, you might as well forget about keeping the 8:00 hour on TV, Saturday mornings, or public television under any review either. Hey, if someone wants their kids watching whatever they want on TV, give 'em the remote. If some of us want to be restrictive, we know that Discovery Channel, etc., is fairly safe. We don't have that option on the web right now and Mr. Howe offers it. Great vision.       

I read about Mr. Howe in Newsweek. I've found that he, like me, is not a member of the religious right or financed by special interests of any kind. Of the four, his is the leadership I trust.

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