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Username: ron10000
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 5:25 PM GMT
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Subject: .KIDS TLD Application Should Be Denied - details inside...


Global TLDs should be for categorizing content based on **OBJECTIVE** criteria. There's *no* way to objectively categorize what's suitable for children and what's not on a *global* basis - which is what their submitted application for .KIDS would attempt to do.

If their .KIDS application were to be approved, the Registry (namely this company) would be able to restrict and limit content for the ENTIRE WORLD based on their value judgements which would not reflect that of the whole world - for example nudity here in the States is often considered taboo, but not so in parts of Europe and Asia.

As far as the .KIDS TLD being used only for optional filtering...well, anyone with a knowledge of history knows that what starts as optional quickly becomes mandatory. Case in point are various state and Federal mandates and regulations here in the United States requiring the use of filtering software on computers in schools, libraries, etc to censor materials *even to adults* in many instances.

Global TLDs need to be inclusive, NOT restrictive which is what their proposed .KIDS TLD would be. Thus .KIDS Domains, Inc.'s .KIDS application should be denied.

Ron Bennett


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