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Username: Tri-State Kids
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 3:47 PM GMT
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Subject: Uh, Ron 10000 you're partly right which is why we need Mr. Howe's proposal


In response to Mr. Bennett, "Global TLDs should be for categorizing content based on **OBJECTIVE** criteria. There's *no* way to objectively categorize what's suitable for children"

Mr. Bennett, I must agree that there's no way to get everyone in the world to agree on what's suitable for children, but there certainly are many things that objective people would agree are NOT suitable for children. Further, the market will drive and restrict the success of the .KIDS tld's. If Mr. Howe's group were to be too far out of the mainstream, the sites would fail. Instead of theorizing against the proposal, I'd think we should ask for applications to serve on the Board. Mr. Howe's proposal is the furthest in the right direction and deserves support.     

I read about Mr. Howe in Newsweek. I've found that he, like me, is not a member of the religious right or financed by special interests of any kind. Of the four, his is the leadership I trust.

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