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Username: mystwoman
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 2:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Howe's .Kids organization is ready to be fully implemented NOW


      Does it follow that an organization that would miss a significant market opportunity like obtaining a TLD because of elections, sports events, et. al, would be a presence market-savvy enough to constitute a competitive entry into this round of applications? If I read the organizational structure, financial statements, mission, and purpose clauses aright and assess the resource sites correctly, Page Howe's .Kids proposal is ready to happen now.

Not only will this plan deliver solution-oriented structure to these concerns that can be imitated widely, but a restricted .kids will return complex oversight of a social concern of multivariate hemispheres of consequence and at multilevel significance during growing momentum at a privatized cost expense level. Howe can do it at a profit, conserve the mores all cultures value at an acknowledged denominator level, but also groom the enterprise to keep pace with today's market in a way that cultivates safety for kids in an age where media tends to hover like a Damoclean sword over their heads.

I think you are right about the emotionality of some of the responses. Just because certain groups did not monitor ICANN developments and prepare for market opportunities does not mean savvy competitors should forfeit their strategic advantage. Could such an organization really anticipate success, or it this just a lot of hand-waving from envious not-quite-also-rans who don't have it together, or from those who did not anticipate sophisticated competition at a level beyond their own offering? Sour grapes shouldn't dictate a grace period that punishes dollar-committed entities poised to act while the dabblers cobble together QAD proposals to throw their hat in the derby.

     I met with an executive of a global telco this week and it took him 2 seconds to realize the advantages of a restricted domain, especially this restricted domain. I happen to know of several nonprofit organizations whose donated media centers have unmonitored computers with internet access, because of resources or personnel capabilities, et. al. They would benefit from such a resource. Schools and libraries operate on a day-to-day efficiency level battling this concern. This need can be filled by .Kids within the best-social-cost restricted parameters with the speed of the web, that is, yesterday or last week.

     A few weeks per se is not the dealbreaker (I assume) for ICANN, although peripheral calendrical topography may serve as a cushion for egos not willing to acknowledge that competition on the web will narrow as real estate grows scarcer. I believe ICANN knows what it is doing, and it would take more than a few blank calendar months to assemble a reasonable and feasible plan of action, with requisite committed personnel and financing in more than a fly-by-night mode, global geopolitics, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and sports events notwithstanding. 

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