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Username: Denise Warner
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 4:11 PM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V4.0 using Windows 95
Score: 5
Subject: Get pistof at something else!


In response to Mr. Pistof:

I agree that ICANN could get more public exposure if they needed to, but they don't need to. Consider the Presidential race. Who thinks Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush are the best, sharpest, potentially best leaders in our entire country? Hardly anyone that I read or hear! But what they have succeeded at is the art of rising to the top of the SYSTEM. I like that ICANN's process is different; that it allows for new leadership instead of more of the same mediocrity. We need a change, and ICANN is leading the way with this process.

I'm a non high-tech mom whose kids are on the computer a lot. I heard Mr. Howe on news radio and think he's on the right track.

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