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Username: kcbealo
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 5:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Here here!:)


        I strongly agree with both of Mark's points:
1. Anyone can still put up whatever they want on another domain name. (Hence calls of this proposal being "anti-free speech" are ignorant or deceitful.)

2. The domain name ".kids" is reserved for sites who WILLINGLY comply with the standards set forth virually guaranteeing the safety of those sites for children worldwide.

Because .kids will be a special domain out of an infinate amount of possible others - just for kids!  And because it will be established for only sites who willingly comply with the standards for it - it will be the free choice of sites who wish to reach children, to join it!  ICANN needs to always keep children's best interests in mind, as they make these important decisions!  Keep up the great work,
                                                       KC Bealo


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