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Username: Denise Warner
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 4:04 PM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V4.0 using Windows 95
Score: 5
Subject: If it doesn't work for someone, send them to .letyourkidsseewhatever


I'm a mom who's respectful of the fact that many of our neighbors aren't as concerned about what their kids see as we are. What I like about Mr. Howe's .kids proposal is that those who don't share my concerns aren't hindered in the least. But for the many moms who do want their kids to have more Internet time but are concerned about controlling it, this is a godsend.

I'm a non high-tech mom whose kids are on the computer a lot. I heard Mr. Howe on news radio and think he's on the right track.

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