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Username: collison
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 9:05 PM GMT
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Subject: Porn in the Children's Section at the Public Library?


To think that a .kids domain can exist without restriction is ludicrous.  Every parent knows that the way to reach kids today is through the Internet....and all the nuts in the world know this too.  By empowering .KIDS Domains, Inc. to monitor who has access to the .kids domain, we can allow our kids to discover the Internet on their own without having to constantly look over their shoulders to protect them from the unsavory content that will appear in the .kids domain without monitoring.  The Internet will still remain a "free" space.  Child inappropriate sites can still be accessible on the Web, just not in the .kids domain.  Without this kind of monitoring, we might as well fill the children's section of the local public library with pornographic books and magazines!        


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