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Username: slassre
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 5:10 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Nice Seperation


      To Mr. Howe and .Kids Domains, Inc.

I have yet to read the competition's applications but am impressed with a few of your ideas.

To begin with I agree with the thinking of creating a "greenspace" for children.  While I can imagine the issues of free speech, different laws for different countries, and the fear of allowing a corporation to dictate policy restricting what paying internet users wish to publish on the web will no doubt be a hurdle for many to overcome, I wish you well in your venture.

I was very interested in reading your application to see the seperation between the "Content Policy Board" and the "Board of Directors".  I especially liked the language stating that many of the Content Policy Boards decisions are "immutable" by the "Board of Directors".  Bringing responsibility back to the website creator for content shown on the web should prove to be a plus.

I especially liked the organizational structure of your "Board of Directors" which leans heavily towards operating within the mandated "Putting Kids First" theory.  By tying the content members with the CEO and one of the intial Board Members I see difficulty in new investors being able to change policy as the years go by without substantial agreement.

I would be interested in knowing when and more specifically how your content policy board will be created and where you will draw the line with regards to major differences within cultural changes.

I wish you well

Steven Lassre


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