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Username: Korskarn
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 1:39 PM GMT
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Subject: Reservations about Name.Space


      In contrast to some of the other post'ers around here I have huge reservations about Name.Space, in short if you look at the domains they have allowed there customers to 'register' so far it becomes apparent that there TLD's are all generic, esp that while they offer a .sex and .xxx domain they are happy to allow these types of adult sites to register in other domains completely missing the opportunity to segregate 'adult' material from the rest of the web and therefore make it easier to block minors from reaching these sites.  I've said it before and i'll say it again we have enough Generic TLDS already what we need is restrictive TLDS (eg .music restricted to 'record' companies and bands/singers etc) so that the big companies will see _one_ of these specialist TLD's as their natural home and not just buy up .com/.net/.org/.web/.site etc also I see little from any applicant about compulsory 2nd level domains when suggesting domains such as .nom surely domains designed for personnal webspace should be split down by country/geography etc so that i cannot register johnsmith.nom but could perhaps register

I hope ICANN looks strongly at the criteria an applicatant has for allowing a domain to be registered and not allow the applicants to 'print money' by allowing any domain name under the sun

Any American's who disagree with me should check-out and ask themself if they are happy with this prime domain name being held by a sex site.

The Brits should check out (same result)


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