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Username: Talmage
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 3:18 PM GMT
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      I have read the three latest postings in support of the application for .shop and I disagree with their conclusions.

The Head of Unexplored speaks of the need to offer .shop due to his company's personal need for the name he registered with them.  While I appreciate his desire not to "spend additional large sums to purchase the !!1 name" he makes it very clear in his opening that his company has "$30,000,000.00 in market capitalization."  This being the case I am certain that having to spend aywhere from $10 to $35 for the registration on this name again should not be of any consequence.  He also speaks of his likelihood to "beat the competition" to register this name.  This too strikes me as odd, seeing how much litigation and legilastion we have seen regarding trademarks and their protection, as well as the numerous favorable cybersquatting decisions which have been upheld.  I think he can feel confident that anyone who gets the .shop TLD if it is released would be able to help him secure this name.

I do however applaud Mr. Thieriot for his concise points about the positive aspects of a .shop tld.  I agree wholeheartedly.

As for the argument by JTRADE that should get this, just as IOD should get .web is a bit biased for certain.

Name.Space was if anything, overreaching in applying for all of these domain names.  We all know as should have they, that this would not be approved.  To assume that they should receive .shop, as opposed to .air, or .sex. or any others would be to assume that they have the rights to any name they wish.  This is not true. 

These applications need to be judged on their merits, not on the basis that one applicant found a way to supercede ICANN's authority in the past, and therefore should get one or all of the names they wish to have.

I think ICANN would be making a mistake by legitimizing the work that has done as equal to an actual TLD.  While their service is obviousely very useful to many who, to date have not been able to get exactly what they need for their name, to hold them up as "already serving as a registry" would be an exaggeration both technically and in principle.  I am under the impression that the whole idea for the granting of new TLD's is to make it so that there ARE more choices and that companies such as Name.Space will no longer have to serve in such a role.

I too head a large corporation with many, many names currently registered in .com and .net.  I too have spent "many thousands of dollars" each year for these names.  I look forward however, to having the opportunity to diversify some of my names into better categories by using some of the new TLD's being proposed such as .shop.  I just don't believe that Name.Space deserves any or all of these names based simply on the expense it may cause those who have registered with them, or on the fact that they "took" these names before ICANN had an opportunity to open the process to all applicants.


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