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Username: kcrash
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 5:08 AM GMT
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Subject: We should all have the right...


      We should all have the right and free opportunity to apply for our very own personal TLD.  There are how many words in how many languages in the world?  And there shouldn't be a $50,000 (prohibitory fee) to thwart me from applying.  The argument that this is a "nominal" fee and would prove only "serious" registries with "capable" resources is moot because I (one person) can run a registry from my OC-3 wired apartment in Houston with a Macintosh Cube!  But what if I just wanted a TLD for myself?  What if I don't want to be a registry?  Or, what if I did want to be a registry and would like to give out domain names in a TLD of my choosing FOR FREE?  What's all this talk about "IOD should get .web"?  EVERYBODY should have the opportunity to sell domains in the ".web" TLD!!  The same thing should be done for all gTLDs as was done for ".com" TLD.

(But as we all know, money and power run the matrix, as can be see in the example of IANA breaking its word by selling and  All the single-letter domain names were SUPPOSED to be Reserved until until a "fair system" could be drawn up to release them to the public.  That didn't seem to happen, and it seems that the highest bidder -- money under the table -- gets a letter.. Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel!)

I think the following quote has a very good point and brings up an issue that SHOULD BE ADDRESSED:

< ICANN's utterly shameful imposition of a $50,000 fee for the proposal of new TLDs is proof enough that this self-appointed, unaccountable, arbiter-by-fiat organization should be rejected and dismantled, and left in the dustbin of history. >

Where are the rules?  Who says one registry "owns" or "reigns over" a TLD?  Isn't that anti-competitive?  Didn't Clinton tell the Commerce Dept to fix the .com registrar monopoly by creating ICANN and allowing competitive registrars/registries to sell .com addresses?
The same should be done for all TLDs.  No one private company should own any one TLD.  Any registry (or applican) should be allowed to sell domains (SLDs) in any TLD that they wish.  Consumers should have a choice.  How does ICANN/DNSO, NSI, et al, propose to deal with this issue?

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