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Username: kcrash
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 8:13 AM GMT
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Subject: Greed, or Saints?


I too have asked myself this question about Name.Space.
Have they been in courts with NSI/NSF for 3-4 years, alleging this
and that, just so that THEY can become the BIGGER DOG in the end?
Or are they really trying to open up the net with all those gTLDs?
I wrote them letters, but never got responses, asking questions
about their motives.  Are they hypocrites (by suing NSI)?  Who knows.
NSI has 7 gTLDs and some 250 ccTLDs.  Name.Space as twice as many.
Imagine the size of the company, and the responsibility.
All I wanna know is, are they, or will they be, publicly traded! :)
Their stock would SHOOT THROUGH THE ROOF.

BTW, have you noticed after last (and this) year's Internet bubble
(stock crash) that Network Solutions and Verisign were UNTOUCHED
and infact have been STEADILY CLIMBING??  Things to think about.

Kernel Crash


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