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Username: aaaswt
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 2:03 PM GMT
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Subject: Name-Space isn't the "New Kid On The Block"


          The Name-Space application may be lengthy, but all the proposed tlds included in the application were specifically asked for by the internet community.  You can go to the Name-Space website and view the correspondance relative to these requests.  Actually, Name-space has been registering these gtlds since 1996, and have been offering real-time registration features for these and the standards, something that no other registrar has been able to do.  Name-Space has developed and maintained their sWhoIs directory, and made it free to all, whereas prior to, only those with UNIX servers had access.  Name-Space was also the company that originally brought suit against Network Solutions under the anti-trust and monopoly laws.
  We all know that ICANN is only able to approve a miniscule amount of new tlds, and I believe that Name-Space is well aware of this, having been a pioneer in this effort. I believe the amount of tlds applied for in the Name-Space application is just their way of making a point, and keeping with their mission statement.  No matter what the outcome, I am sure this company will continue registering all tlds, according to the expressed wishes of the internet community.

   By the way, according to an ongoing survey by Name-Space the number one requested tld is .shop, and number two is .web.


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