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Username: Melvin Q. Watchpocket
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 10:21 PM GMT
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Subject: Let a hundred thousand flowers (NAMES!) bloom


We need to jettison our linear thinking about domain names.  There is absolutely no reason why thousands of TLDs (top-level domains) cannot exist.  There is also no need for political *governance* of any sort over the web.

Make no mistake: ICANN's real purpose is to *restrict*, rather than to *expand* the number of TLDs -- to impose an artificial scarcity.  This is essentially being done to perpetuate a class system.  It's so that enormous sums of money can be made by already-powerful corporate interests.  ICANN, really, is nothing but an oppressor, the "WTO of the net."

ICANN's utterly shameful imposition of a $50,000 fee for the proposal of new TLDs is proof enough that this self-appointed, unaccountable, arbiter-by-fiat organization should be rejected and dismantled, and left in the dustbin of history.  Or at least made irrelevant.   
Individuals such as you who post here are the only ones who can make
it happen.  Don't buy into this system (someone is alredy getting nothing for their money -- the fee is nonrefundable, remember?). 
Do whatever is necessary to create a decent structure for real people,
not one for fat-cat suits and engorged corporations who socialize their debts.

NameSpace should be granted all of its proposed TLDs, and so should the other registries be granted any number of names.  Vote for NameSpace and understand the issues of free expression that are at stake. 

And help expose ICANN for what it is -- a leech on the internet body politic that should die.  Let the IETF create whatever rudimentary taxonomic and organizational guidelines are necessary.    

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