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Username: DotIT
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 7:01 AM GMT
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Subject: Please...


I'm typically a watcher in this forum however your incessant, repetitive posting, this time in the wrong section, deserves a response.

First, as you noticed, this is the comment section for the application. Your post had nothing to do with, which you obviously knew ("First off my apologies to NAMESPACE on this post--this post needs visibility"). Is there something about the concept of dividing comment sections up that you don't understand? The idea is to post under the relevant section.

Second, this is a public comments forum. That implies that this is a place where the public can post comments about the applications. I don't see anywhere on the ICANN site that says this is a question and answer forum. Given that fact, it seems quite naive to think that you're going to get a response from ICANN. Some applicants are participating in the forum, which is productive, but I can't find anything stating that applicants are required (or even encouraged) to do so. It's completely pointless to keep posting messages asking for ICANN and others to respond because it's obvious that they aren't going to, and that it was never part of the purpose of this forum in the first place.

Third, if you honestly believe that every single person who wants to ask a question is going to have their question answered, then you've completely lost touch with reality. I would have loved to ask George Dubya a question at the presidential debate in St. Louis, but unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets to the debate. Should we stop the election because 10 million people, myself included, didn't get to ask the questions they wanted? I won't be in Marina del Ray either. And that's the way the world works. The fact is that ICANN will be publishing detailed reviews and analyses of the various applications, which should clearly explain the rationale behind their decisions. I'm sure those will answer quite a few questions, and if they don't, too bad. That's reality.

So, in summary, the General Comments section is further down the page. General comments should go there. The Image Online Design .web Comments section is further down the page as well. Comments about Image Online Design's .web application should go there. If you're going to continue spewing the same comments over and over again until the forum closes, please do so in the proper sections. That's what they were created for.

Jerry Blithe


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