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Username: anthony
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 8:28 PM GMT
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Subject: hear hear!


Well said.

Some are trying to make money, others are bidding to make the same money while others here just seem to resent the whole process.

Whatever your position, the RIGHT thing to do is reward those companies that have done the work to get us this far.

The process is meant to be fair - we can only wait and see if it is or not.

IOD should get .web because it is the one that they have been developing.

Clearly it is popular and attractive - more so than .com

It may well not be the case had it not been for IOD.

.Net is brilliant for all the same reasons as .web but NSI have protected their .com investment so that .com is still number one and so .net is somewhat out of favour. has been at the forefront of the debate regarding expanding the interet.

They have applied for so many names and I don't have  apreference - the more the better though.

The only good way to stop the cybersquatters is to ensure that the supply of names overwhelms the demand.

Who would pay millions of dollars for when for 35 dollars there are a few hundred other business.____ choices?

The final verdict?

.web IOD

.everything that they applied for - Name space

Then we'll see if the big companies are big because they're good or just because they were the only choice.



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