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Username: ted
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 11:21 PM GMT (Thu, October 26, 2000 at 12:21 AM CET)
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Subject: give pioneers a chance - vote for namespace and IOD - Interview about ICANN - president Ether Dyser


As we read this article (it's in german) and saw all comments in this open discussion forum about "Monopoly Afilias" - "right for pioneers" - role of "Mr.Stubbs" aso...we are not really sure about a "fair and neutral" decision from ICANN'S side.      
Ether Dyson, President from ICANN said in this interview (22.10.2000 -magazine vivian), that "ICANN is waste and not democratic".
Maybe she knows better what happend inside ICANN.
We are Trademarkholders in europe, and therefore we registered our names through IOD. We still believe that ICANN find a fair choice for new TLDS.

A lawcourt in Frankfurt decided (AZ. 6 U 81/99 case -Internetmagazin 11/2000 - page 14), that "first come - first serve" are the rules for trademarks.
IOD were first, not others - therefore they have to serve dot.web.

As we are new in business, we had in the past no chance to register our trademarks ( - also preregistration was done - - look at - there seems to be no free name under aso..what happend under - no preregistration?).

ICANN - be fair and give the pioneers a chance - we vote for the approved solution from IOD - and open solution from namespace

regards Ted and partners
austria - europe



Link: Interview Ether Dyson - president ICANN

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