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Username: kcrash
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 8:35 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
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Subject: uTLD, uSRS, uDNS


      First of all, ICANN wouldn't process the requests; they aren't a registrar.  The registrars would process them, just like they do now!!!  You can register a ".com" anywhere.  So why not register a ".anything" anywhere?  If the TLD doesn't exist, then it will be added to the root zone server ON DEMAND via the same access software the registrars use under the SRS.  Why have only a few TLDs to chose from at a limited (maybe even one) place to chose them?

My "system crashing" would have nothing to do with the livelihood of
any of the TLDs because I would not be a root DNS or any sort of DNS system maintainer.  I think the current DNS should remain the way it is and just be upgraded (ie, given more CPUs, bandwidth and memory capacity, as well as faster search methods) to handle my proposal for ON DEMAND TLDs.  It can be funded by money trickled from the registrars in some fashion.  So, all TLDs would be maintained by the
current DNS system, leaving the root zone alone, but maybe beefing
it up if needed as the flood of TLDs come in.  A distributed DNS could work too, but all companies involved would have to be under strict regulation in order to be reliable.  They would receive funding from that trickle coming from registrars (tax, fees, dues, or whatever), as well as profits from their domain registry services to the public.  However, no TLDs will be privatly owned.  They will be open for all registrars.

Anyway, you should really think about what you are READING, because
apparently you didn't follow.  ICANN wouldn't deal with the requests
because ICANN would make a universal approval for all TLDs (with
certain type and length of string restrictions, of course) to be
register-able by all accredited-registrars.  Basically, it's about
opening up the root zone for the authorized registrars to register
any new TLD on the fly, on deman, as requested by their customers, the public.  Get it?

Kernel Crash

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