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Username: kcrash
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 7:39 AM GMT
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Subject: LAND GRAB?



There will be no "land grab" because nobody will "own" a TLD.
That is just plain WRONG!  Nobody owns ".com" ever since Clinton
made the right move and the DoC White Paper and ICANN were born,
creating competitive registries to do away with the NetSol
registry monopoly.  The move toward "privatizing the Internet DNS"
is not about a "land grab", it is about allowing more competitors
in on the game, handing over the duties to the private sector,
but there will be -- atleast during transitional periods -- some
kind of regulatory authority (like ICANN and IANA) to make sure
things actually WORK!  And atleast they are listening to us here!!
They are in this big experimental lab called the Evolving Internet
with open ears (hopefully).  And I say, nobody should OWN any TLD.
It will be a reverse, backwards, contradicting motion when compared
to what was done with ".com".  If "owns" the TLD ".i"
then who "owns" the TLD ".com"?  The ICANN TLD/DNS policy should be a uniform, universal, homogenous policy.  Who has the authority to say that they, or anybody, gets to own the ".i" TLD?  What if competitor reigstrars want to offer ".i" to their customers/registrants?  Network Solutions is no longer the ".com people" and no one sole entity should be the "dot i" people.  I am telling you, it should be a universally shared registry system (uSRS) or universal TLDs (uTLDs).

No one registrar should be able to cash in on a hot TLD by having sole proprietorship of that TLD granted to them by an arbiter-by-fiat organization.  If that is the case, then you must give everyone the accessible opportunity to "park" any TLDs of their choosing for that
same chance at cashing in.  You can not just open the gates for the few, and then allow them sole ownership of an entire TLD!!!  Not only is that unfair to competitor registrars, but it is unfair to consumers because they have to choose one place to register under that TLD.  It is anti-competitive, anti-trust, anti-everything.  Besides, who has such authority, and what gives them such authority??

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