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Username: kcrash
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 9:01 AM GMT
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Subject: Who knows?


      Well, I think I agree.
It was Clinton who said "privatize the DNS" in order to create competition as well as induce international participation in running the DNS.  I think the last part is a bad idea, unless it is strictly regulated, for fear of poor quality and control, unless it is a properly distributed system with a proper technical setup (redundant and all).  It seems ICANN is trying to get the show on the road with this whole application process and forum; but this is an application for TLDs, not just for companies wanting to help run the DNS.  There is a difference!  There is a difference between running the DNS, registering domain names, and owning a TLD or TLDs.  Why are they taking applications for TLDs?  Nobody should privately own any TLD!

You may very well be right about improper congressional process, and a whole big system that's illegal.  But hey -- if you've followed the Name.Space vs NSI/NSF lawsuit -- ICANN has antitrust immunity (but on a "conduct-basis", so they could come under review if enough people complain, or sue NSI, ICANN, et al).

But it could all be a big agenda for making lots of money.  See:;39F36884000008C4

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