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Username: pvos
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 6:06 PM GMT
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Subject: NeuStar Bribing/Threatening ICANN?


In the MSNBC article I was surprised to see they refer to the section in NeuStar's application which offers:
  "If necessary, JVTeam will indemnify ICANN for legal expenses incurred by ICANN resulting from any legal challenges brought regarding a grant of the .web registry to JVTeam." I searched and found this in their TLDPolicies Proposal:

Since the Unsponsored TLD transmittal form (sections B9,B12, B14.1,and B14.2) CLEARLY releases ICANN from any such claim, I wonder why they felt the need to assert this?
  (cf )

The odd thing is that in the next section NeuStar states:
"In the event, however, that ICANN determines that it will not grant a .web registry DUE TO POTENTIAL LEGAL CHALLENGE  [emphasis added], JVTeam proposes the following alternative unsponsored, unrestricted  TLDs, in order of preference:"

Is NeuStar leaving the door open to potentially mounting their own legal challenge?  The wording of the above suggests that they will accept the other five tlds if ICANN WILL NOT approve .web - presumably to ANYONE  - and only if the decision is made to avoid legal challenges.  Clearly this is ignoring the relevant sections of the Unsponsored TLD transmittal form cited above.  This is either poorly worded or a thinly disguised threat.  Can anyone comment on this with authority?

  Peter Vos
  Internic Handle (PV12)
  IOD registrant since 1996


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