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Username: cojock
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 10:57 PM GMT
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Subject: Generally, but Name space in particular


I think we've got to go back to first principles if we look at TLD's.

Firstly; it is in my view inevitable that every person, and every corporate or business, will have their own, unique, identifier, to be linked to the only online function which requires identity. ie e-payment.

So we need dot id (say) for individuals and dot co (say) for corporates/businesses.

Secondly, I believe that all non commercial sites should continue to use the current TLD conventions.

The innovation I have in mind, and hence my objection to Net Space's attempt to appropriate it, relates to "dot market".

Like the internet, markets are not and can never be proprietary, one of the underlying tenets of regulators/anti trust being to combat "market abuse"; "market manipulation"  and so on from the Microsoft actions down.

My construct is as follows.

Create public utility portals - eg or cocoa.mkt.  Create a user group of market participants linked by one common function - the ability to enter into paperless contracts through whatever Exchange or ecn happened to operate in the cocoa market.

Provide users with infrastructure such as market access via a market specific network; market data; billing systems and software; market-specific payment; a market-specific title registry and so on all provided by a neutral "market service provider".  The MSP would be a consortium with (say) a four year contract after which further consortia could bid.

The cocoa market user group would constitute a wholesale market regulator with global reach, able to keep out crooks, defaulters and so on.

This model essentially takes markets away from proprietary interests and empowers users generally.

Only a concept, but a powerful one which is seriously interesting some very big players.

So no dot market please, Name Space, markets belong to everyone not you.


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