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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, October 13, 2000 at 11:44 PM GMT
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Subject: TO The ICANN Board Members


      I will be quick and to the point...I totally disagree with the concept of this consortium for many reasons and they are:
     1.  Anti-competitive...The airlines tried to do this by creating a website that would pool all their resources so that it would be "convenient" for travelers....The problem was that it would have totally eliminated competition for the smaller online travel agents..Here is a link:

    2.  Network Solution is currently being sued (class-action)..more to follow: 

   3.  Register dot com, just bought (secondary market auction house for domains names)..They are also the parent company for NameBargain...which is selling (reservations basically) for $9.99...Put two and two together is that this compamy will do as NetSol is doing.....  Once these domains expires...they can front them on Afternic...All are the "radar gun" question is why didn't they ( do this under their own name...but that would have triggered off flares...SO get people to "reserve" cheap names, by the hundreds ($35.00 per name through would not have people buying a bunch of names for them)

   4.  I won't mention names on here, but a certain person on DNSO is also on the Afilia's and CORE board...He says that their is no conflict of interest with this:  however it was the DNSO that recommended new domains...That is like Bill Gates being on the Dept of Justice Inquiry team...He problem wouldn't recommend a lawsuit either!!  My other problem is CORE..what is their mission...Two years ago it was to develop a shared registry system..That was as a Nonprofit Organization...The SRS has been accomplished...What is their filing status with regards to the IRS??

   5. Mr Postel most certainly would not have envisioned a consortium with the Top 2 domain registar's applying for these domain names... (a draft in his own words)  By the way, I do hate that he wasn't able to finish his work, however it is up to you as a board to keep his memory alive...

   6. Lastly, I think Afilias dot web is being created as an obvious business expansion for this companies..who wouldn't blame them...Grow or die is the motto...And they do have every right to apply, however and application that is so anti-compeititive (I don't care how many companies they put in their consortium or how world wide their scope is...a monopoly is good no where) cannot be accepted...That is my feelings...I will tell you that I do own a few dot web domain names with IOD, so I do have some self-interest here...a link to those domains are at:  I have trademarked these domains, out of fear...It's interesting where we are at..One of Mr Postel's thinking was that domain names are addresses to a website...nothing more...(not a trademark)...Nonetheless I have protected myself...Thank you..

Gregory W. Krajewski


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